Basking in MOONLIGHT!

It is my pride and pleasure to announce the release of the much anticipated MOONLIGHT

This retelling of The Swan Princess is based on the Celtic legend, The Children of Lir.  It's available on Amazon.  You can read it for FREE if you have an Amazon Prime account.  (Side note:  My family loves Amazon Prime  It's totally worth it with how much we use Amazon.  Not just for free 2 day shipping, but for reading books, and watching TV as well). 
The great thing about Amazon is that you don't need a kindle to read.  You can download their free app for any OS/platform.  I own a kindle, but I won't hesitate to use my tablet if I'm in the bedroom and the kindle is in the living room.
Yes, I just confessed how lazy I am.
Speaking of lazy, I'm looking forward to a nice long week off from novel writing.  I'll be updating my blog with Moonlight's sales progress.  I can't wait to see how it does.  Quality-wise, I feel that it's much better than The Subtle Beauty and that book got all sorts of crazy accolades its first week.  I'M PUMPED! 
Oh and did I mention that it's a super easy read?  It's only 122 pages according to Amazon.  That's like... what?  2 hours for the average reader?  You could read half of it on your lunch break and the other half before bed! 
I can't wait to share Moonlight with you.  I hope we can bask in its glow together.  

The message I'd like you to take away from it is:
No matter how bleak the world may seem.... 
You are loved.  
You are valued.  

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