The Rose in the Briar

The Age of the Quest has died away, and now men fight over land and politics.  During a war, King Stefan receives news that his beloved wife has born him a child, sending only a rose with the news.  Stefan eagerly returns home to find that it is a girl and instantly resents her.  His wife passes away, and the young princess grows in the care of her nursemaids.  But all is not right.  The girl has violent nightmares and visions of what is to come when she weaves at her spinning wheel.  She fortells that her father will be succeeded by a son.  Outraged by the claim, seeing he has no son, King Stefan demands the destruction of all spinning wheels in the kingdom and orders the Princess's eyes to be gouged out with a firery poker, and locks her away in a tower forever.

Prince Maghnus tires of his simple life and his overbearing father's wishes for his succession.  He sets off on his own and comes into the care of King Stefan the Black.  King Stefan treats him like a son, until Maghnus discovers the crime Stefan has committed against his own blood.  In mortal danger, Prince Maghnus flees, but is overtaken and badly wounded.  He wakes in the cottage of three elderly women who nurse him back to health and guide him to a mysterious tower in the forest.  Maghnus discovers a prisoner inside, a beautiful, blindfolded young woman who cannot see, yet foresees all. She is nothing like the damsel in distress that Maghnus expected
With her help, Maghnus launches an epic battle against King Stefan.

Based on the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty, The Rose in the Briar is sure to dazzle with romance and high adventure.


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