No Favors

So I'm taking a few beta readers to help me polish The Subtle Beauty. My biggest pet peeve is when I hear people tell me how good it is and they want more, more, more.
Okay, really, people, you're not doing me any favors there. I want you to be mean. I don't want to hear how awesome my writing is. I want to hear how bad it sucked. The only thing that will grow and develop if you tell me about my awesomeness is my ego.
Do me a real favor & tell me "That totally sucked... but here's how you fix it."

At least one person told me the first chapter was boring.

Is it weird I danced around the room when I read that comment?

Have been getting a couple of comments that chapter one should be split in half. Generally, I keep in mind when one comment is made, and come back to it later, but when there are several saying the same I go ahead and do the change.
I've been wondering how to make a new prologue for the book, and now I have half of it written cuz I split chapter one into two parts. Yay!
Now the trick is making the first half of the new prologue go along with the rest. I really want to open the reader's mind early to Celtic mythology.

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