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Hello there and welcome to my craaaaazy mind. I don't know what to say other than *waves hand* "Hi."
I'm Ann Hunter. I wrote my first short story at age 10, and my first full novel at 14. My longest book is over 200 pages, written when I was 16. Oh, and I B.S.'ed my way through Brit Lit, drove my teachers nuts with my brilliance, and received honors on the California state writing exams. I don't think many other of my classmates did.
But enough bragging.
Here I am, a decade later, and still unpublished. I'm wondering what path I took that lead me away from being rich and famous by 21! Oh, yeah, my laziness. That's what.

So, in a past life, I was a writer. Now I'm a stay at home mom. Today we (Grace & I) went to playgroup and I brought along The Subtle Beauty to work on. It's at that special stage where you print it off and red mark the heck out of it until it looks like a bloody battlefield. I let some of my friends read a couple of pages (the funniest ones). It felt good to know they thought it was as funny as I do.

Hello world, here I am. I'm ready to work on getting my butt back on that glory road to publishing.

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