Review: You Made My Heart a Hunter

You Made My Heart a Hunter
You Made My Heart a Hunter by E.M. Epps

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The book opens on our heroine Lhennuen. She receives grim news that, ultimately, causes her to make a life changing decision and leave behind what she knows. She finds herself in an overwhelming new world and reaches out to God, asking that the greater force in her world do what it will with her.

That alone struck me. To submit to God like that. It's not an easy thing to do. It takes courage and trust. I also thought it was really interesting how the author chose to portray God as "it". I have always viewed God as "He". Yet another part of me recognizes that there is also a feminine force in the world. So calling God "it" was very intriguing.

As Lhennuen wanders the wilds of her world, disaster forces her to make friends and allies (and enemies too). She falls in love with a wonderful, gentle man named Yugho. I was suspicious of Yugho at first, but perhaps that is because Epps is an adept writer who has created a cautious character who can be warm, but reserved. It was easy to place oneself in Lhennuen's shoes.

Disaster befalls Lhennuen again at the end of the book and once more she is forced to submit to the will of God, which just goes to show you what a strong lead she is.

Long story short, I knew I would like this book right away. As a fan of Marion Zimmer Bradley's work, I felt like I was reading Priestess of Avalon or Forest House again and was in love. I really think you should give this book a try. It's only 100 pages. You can knock it out on your lunch break or before bed!

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