So I'm currently moonlighting as an author.  I received my first paycheck from January's sales of The Subtle Beauty from Amazon (about enough to put gas in the car if you want to know).  I figure once you get your first paycheck doing a job, it's official.  You are that thing you do.


People pay to read my train wrecks.

Wait.  Was that aloud?

Anyway, I want to thank my friends, followers, and readers for their support.  THANK YOU!  And share exciting news.

I am 5 copies away from breaking $100 in sales for the month.  If you haven't read The Subtle Beauty or Moonlight, would you please consider picking up a copy today?  $100 in sales for the month is a big milestone for an indie author.  I can buy more ISBNs to write more books.  Or groceries.  Groceries are good.  

Second exciting news:
The work for the cover of my upcoming book, Fallen, has started.  I got a sneak peek at it.  It's going to be cool.  It's either going to have Sylas Mortas on the cover or a chicken.
That's right.  
Because the mad genius in me believes that no one will be able to resist finding out why a story of the frog prince has anything to do with a chicken.  It totally does by the way.  Fallen's catch phrase is simple:
One prince.  One mistake.  One... chicken?
Epic, right?

You're going to want to read it!

Last, but not least, and certainly not to discourage you from checking out The Subtle Beauty or Moonlight today, buuuuut...

April 3 - 9

So share that news with your friends and hide yo'kids (mainly so you can read in peace), cuz I want you to support an indie author today, okay? :D

May the muse be with you!

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