The Voice of Logic

If ever there was a poster child for The Voice of Logic, it would be my husband. Seriously, a picture of him should be next to the word Logical ([loj-i-kuhl] adjective) in the dictionary!
I told him last night that I was having some trouble with my prologue, and he started asking about how long mythological creatures have existed in my story world. Are they concentrated to one area? If so, why? Are they drawn to it by the power of the curse? Does Eoghan offer them some sort of refuge? Why don't other people typically see them if they exist in other kingdoms? There should be rules about their existance.

I just blinked at him.


It never even occurred to me.


It never even occurred to me that it should OCCUR to me!


I was just all "tra-la-la, magical creatures exist... cuz it's my book... and I'm God... and what I say goes!"

No, no, my friends. The Voice of Logic says there must be rules.

So I guess I'm going to be taking a detour in editing over the next few days to figure out the answers to some of these questions, and, inevitably, allow the husband to read what I have so far.

On a positive note, I re-printed the first 5 chapters last night with all the edits I incorporated. So that means I'm, uh, 5% done, right?

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